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Healthy and Uplifted began its 2021 monthly webinar with the theme, 'Outstanding and Standing Out'

A Boss Woman.

“[Boss] women don’t have attitudes. They just have standards.” Host Dr. Ebere Azumah said, as she opened the webinar with a popular meme found on social media.

MONDAY - JANUARY 11th - Healthy and Uplifted began its first webinar of the year with the theme, ‘Outstanding and Standing Out: A Boss Woman.’ The session was attended by more than thirty participants. Most attendees were professional women. Practical tips for breaking the glass ceilings in the corporate world were shared in that space. The goal of the webinar was in alignment with the Healthy and Uplifted’s mission; “To uplift professional women, especially mothers who are trying to find a balance between career and motherhood.”

The webinar moderator and CEO of Azumah Solutions LLC the parent company of Healthy and Uplifted, Dr. Ebere Azumah, started by paying tribute and dedicating the webinar in memory of Ms. Irvienne Goldson. Ms. Irvienne Goldson was a legend in community service and advocacy in Boston. She was also the Deputy Director of Action for Boston Community Development (ABCD). Unfortunately, Ms. Goldson was called into heavenly glory during the 2020 Christmas Season. A moment of silence was observed in her memory. Ms. Goldson played a pivotal role in the formation of Love your Menses, Inc of which Dr. Azumah is the co-founder and President. Dr. Azumah believes co-founding Love your Menses, Inc. gave her the confidence to create Healthy and Uplifted's platform which provides monthly community educational webinars to busy women trying to navigate a balance between work and family. Ms. Goldson is missed, but her legacy will continue through us.

Dr. Golechha was the master Keynote Speaker and is the Associate Chief Medical Officer for Golden Valley Health Center in Central Valley, California. Dr. Golechha said, "Women are perceived negatively in the corporate world because of systemic gender biases." “[Sometimes] you are considered as too aggressive and emotional while your male counterparts are celebrated when they exert the same behavior. This happens everywhere” she concluded.

Dr. Golechha also believes that gender biases should not stop women from advancing up the corporate ladder. She emphasized with data that the higher women go up the job ladder, the lower the number of women who hold leadership positions. “We are equally talented, but it’s not just happening. Research has shown that it will take 200 years for gender parity if we do something about it” she added.

Dr. Goleccha also shared some practical steps for women to break down the glass ceilings: (1) Women should learn to blow their own horns (2) Seek mentorship and build alliances (3) Be brave enough to stretch themselves into leadership positions.

Mrs. Joy Ogeh-Hutfield, an internationally recognized Transformational Coach and a Keynote Speaker said, “One of the fundamentals for women in leadership to be successful is for women to know their worth and purpose.” She also defined a Boss woman as, “a woman who exudes self-confidence, is empowered, and displays self-acceptance. Self-acceptance includes being aware of a flaw, improving upon it, and not allowing the flaw to hinder one from success.” She reminded women that a boss woman is also one who lives an intentional life.

Dr. Azumah highlighted the role of men in closing the gender inequality gap. She applauded the men present on the webinar and those on her team, working to make Healthy and Uplifted a successful platform for women.

Self-confidence, owning your flaws, staying focused on your goals, being determined, and navigating rejection were some of the key highlights of the webinar. Many of the attendees shared in the chat room how empowered they were feeling from attending this free webinar.

One of the attendees, Ms. Jacquelyn McFadden, wrote, “I really enjoyed the seminar [and I was] encouraged and received a lot of good information. Thank you so much for having this seminar.”

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Additionally, please copy or click on this registration link to register for the next free webinar, themed, ‘Dating Tips for Couples and Singles During Lockdown", scheduled for February 7, 2021 at 4 pm ET.

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